Greg Pond + Banning Bouldin | Guncotton

Pitch Night Nashville

Working from Atlas of Novel Tectonics, guncotton adapts concepts of architectural principles to develop a new language for dance, video, sound, and sculpture. Recursive responses between the dancers and the other objects continue to inform the subsequent steps of the collaboration. Architectural conjecture becomes dances that become sculpture, sound, and images. The initial dances investigate the impact of properties of matter, coherence, and incoherence on the human body through improvisation. These tasks are sensation based, illustrating qualitative states such as density, sharpness, softness, translucence, etc, and form driven, exploring changes in scale, fragmentation, collapsing points in the body, unfolding to extrude lines and curves, etc. From the dances, we generate objects that depict the dancers’ physical histories and the impact of the prompts on the multiple disciplines of our project. Through this process we create a new sort of collaborative discursive language.