Process and Presence: Contemporary Disability Sculpture

This exhibition emphasizes the relationship between disability and the fundamental human experiences of change and embodiment.

Sixteen artists from across the world will be featured in a carefully organized presentation of more than 30 individual works. This innovative project is organized jointly by DisArt and Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, a world-renowned botanical garden and sculpture park. The exhibition offers audiences a survey of contemporary Disability sculpture through artists whose work represents local, national, and global perspectives on the lived experience of disability. Initially brought together because of a shared interest in well-known traditions for Disability art in Japan, Meijer Gardens & DisArt staff began collaborating in 2015.

Cornerstone to the exhibition is the Sister-State relationship between the State of Michigan and the Shiga, Prefecture, Japan—a region long celebrated for its commitment to artists with disabilities. As our exhibition is a survey of contemporary Disability sculpture, it also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Sister State relationship and expands globally in a dynamic collection of objects contextualized by both contemporary and legacy artists. Several Michigan artists as counterpoints to Japanese colleagues, but this exhibition will also feature artists from across the United States and well as those from the United Kingdom and Australia. Of special note are works by the world-renowned artists like Judith Scott.

  • Exhibit 9/14/18 - 1/6/19
  • Fashion Show 9/22/18 @ 7PM
  • Lecture & Fundraiser 10/26/18 4-5:30PM

Process and Presence: Contemporary Disability Sculpture