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Matterport 3D Virtual Tour Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Facts and information about Matterport, Perspective 3D and the clients utilizing our services.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is the leading spatial data company digitizing and indexing the built world. The company enables anyone to create and share digital twins (virtual tours) of the built world, which can be easily used to design, build, operate, improve and understand any space. These navigable virtual tours are presented in Matterport’s photo-realistic digital media format called Showcase. Experience real-world spaces through Matterport’s interactive 3D digital twins as if you are actually there. Matterport provides the best in class 3D hardware and software that enables Perspective 3D  to quickly create affordable 3D virtual tours and digital twins for any real world space.

What is a Matterport Virtual tour?

Matterport virtual tours are created when a technician or photographer scans a space with a Matterport 3D camera or compatible 360 camera that integrates with Matterport software.  Controlled by Matterport’s Capture app, the camera collects spatial data gathered from a 360 degree scan,  transfers the data to the ipad or iphone for storage before it is uploaded to the Matterport cloud for processing by Cortex, the company’s AI platform and patented deep learning neural network. Cortex analyzes 3D spatial data captured from compatible devices.  With millions of spaces captured, Cortex consistently and accurately creates the 3D digital twin and handles complex tasks — from 2D to 3D reconstruction, advanced image processing, automatic color correction, object and room labeling, and more. Cortex is what powers the software to generate professional looking photos and video clips from the digital twin. It also enables users to take measurements and  grab dimensions of entire spaces.  

Who Is Perspective 3D?

Perspective 3D has been supplying Southwest Michigan cities and towns, like Grand Rapids, Michigan with Matterport 3D services since 2015, not long after Matterport released the Matterport Pro 1 camera system. As an early adopter of Matterport, Perspective 3D has had the opportunity to experience Matterport’s growth and evolving technology from a front row seat. 

Is Matterport expensive?

Matterport services are surprisingly affordable!  This amazing technology enables us to quickly scan your space and provide you with a complete 3D virtual tour and digital twin that enables anyone, from anywhere to visit that space virtually within 24 hours.  You can get a Matterport true 3D virtual tour beginning at $250 for 2,500 square feet and under. That is about 0.10 per sq. ft.  Larger spaces are priced anywhere from .010 to 0.03 per sq. ft., depending on size and project scope.

How long does it take to scan a space with Matterport?

It takes about 30 minutes for us to scan 1,500 square feet.  That doesn’t mean that it takes that long for every 1,500 square foot.  Some spaces take longer than others and is always dependent on the type of space.  Commercial real estate takes less time then a showroom or art gallery. We can usually complete 25,000 sq. ft.-35,000 sq. ft. in a day’s work.

What can I do with a matterport tour?

Matterport tours can be used to lease apartments, market residential and commercial real estate and enable businesses and organizations to show customers their unique office, showroom or facility.  Matterport is a valuable resource for documenting art exhibits, current site conditions or the contents of a home or business. A Matterport digital twin even provides investigators, estimators and response partners with forensic photography for crime scenes, fires and natural disasters. 

Can Matterport be used on Zillow?

Yes!  Perspective 3D uploads all Matterport tours to Zillow and Realtor.com

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