Better Documentation

Replace 1000’s of Photos. Record, Annotate & Communicate. Leverage for Long-Term Facilities Management.

Streamline documentation, speed up as-built designs, and collaborate with ease.  We create immersive walk-throughs of existing conditions that can be annotated, edited, and shared across engineering groups, with clients, customers and key stakeholders. Real 3D representations of your project let you virtually walk a job site at every stage of development replacing thousands of site photos with a single set of immersive 3D spaces for complete, efficient communication and long-term record keeping.

A single 3D space takes the place of thousands of photos, and add context and real-world dimensions to your construction documentation workflow. Get all of your stakeholders on the same page – use Pop-up tags to efficiently record details, convey instructions, and communicate remotely. Turn over documentation to the building owner for long-term facilities management. You can tag MEP details and show what’s beneath the drywall for long term maintenance and modifications.

Pre-Sell Residential and Commercial Real Estate Before You Break Ground

Our fly-through videos and interactive floor plans allow potential buyers, investors and lease holders to preview and remotely walk through a property before it has been built. 

Fly-Through Video Sample

Interactive Walk Through Sample

Consolidate project documents into a few models you can easily annotate and share. Create real-world architectural, structural, and MEP designs — then keep great records before you pour concrete or put up drywall.

Quickly capture construction conditions for documentation on a single file and share that information within 24 hours of scanning. No need for return site visits when you have a complete 3D model on your computer.

As built documentation has never been easier. No need to set up registration markers, your point clouds are automatically registered in the cloud for one less step. Eliminate return visits. Measurements are accurate to within 1% of reality.

When the project is complete, simply turn over the virtual model to the building owner and facilities manager as part of your turnover package. They’ll continue to use it for long-term management and maintenance.

  • Simple virtual tour URL and HTML embed code for easy sharing and website presentation.
  • Dropbox link to photos, videos and floor plans.
  • Matterport tour delivered within 24 hours.
  • Virtual tour includes interactive walk through, floor plan and dollhouse views.
  • Virtual reality viewing option with compatible device.
  • 24/7 local support.
  • Google Step Inside Street View/ Google Maps integration.
  • Black & white schematic floor plans and data files for easy CAD imports.
  • Servicing clients across the country and around the globe through

Case Study

Complete projects on time and under budget by improving drafting efficiency and reducing return site visits. Reduce manual measurements by 80%, and speed the as-built drawing process by 2X with automated floor plans and visual reference.

AEC & Design

Included for commercial projects: Our  3D data package is for architects, engineers, designers and construction professionals who want to import these assets into third-party programs (3ds max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD, SketchUp), perform additional work, and then offer as part of a commercial package to their clients.  After scanning services are completed,  Perspective 3-D delivers your package along with your 3D virtual space. Additional charges apply to smaller spaces.

The bundles contains:

  • Colorized point cloud (.XYZ)
  • Reflected ceiling plan image
    • (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
    • (.PDF) All floors in one file
  • High resolution floor plan image
    • (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
    • (.PDF) All floors in one file
  • 3D mesh file (.OBJ)
  • Architects and engineers can use the point cloud to jump-start their designs.
  • Construction professionals can use the ceiling plan and floor plan images for documentation/verification and building turnover packages, or use the point cloud as a part of the QA/QC process.
  • Please check all that apply.
  • Approximate square footage of property. For yet-to-be-built construction projects, please provide names for each floor plan and include matching exterior elevation name when applicable.
  • Please provide a link to requested documents (Dropbox or similar platform). EXTERIOR: All dwg. files, elevations in CAD, floor plans in .pdf, color and material selection in .pdf, greenery/landscaping style. INTERIOR: Colors and material selection in .pdf (3 is best but up to 5 for each: flooring, cabinets, countertops and paint), furniture style selection in .pdf, wall elevations in CAD, references to art, decor, lighting choice in .pdf.
  • Please provide any additional requests, notes or property highlights.
  • Please upload logo and/or profile photo for branding when applicable.
    Drop files here or
  • By submitting an order for services provided by Perspective 3-D you are agreeing to our terms of service.

The 3D and Virtual Reality Market is Exploding with Innovation.

Perspective 3-D is proud to bring you some of the newest and most amazing technology for advanced property marketing and documentation.

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