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With a 3D showcase of your venue or exhibit available to online viewers, visitors can engage in the space or object on a deeper level, making a connection before they visit on site. Matterport is a powerful way to rapidly scan even the largest of interior spaces and is the most realistic way to experience a venue online. Archive ephemeral, artistic projects to view and share after the exhibition is over.

All 3D Scanning Services Include:

  • Simple virtual tour URL and HTML embed code for easy sharing and website presentation.
  • Dropbox link to photos, videos and floor plans.
  • Matterport tour delivered within 24 hours.
  • Virtual tour includes interactive walk through, floor plan and dollhouse views.
  • Virtual reality viewing option with compatible device.
  • 24/7 local support.
  • Google Step Inside Street View/ Google Maps integration.
  • Black & white schematic floor plans and data files for easy CAD imports.
  • Servicing clients across the country and around the globe through

 Show off your event spaces to attract potential guests and event planners. Preserve and document ephemeral exhibits for your artists or online viewers that can’t be there in person. Turn over documentation to the building owner for long-term facilities management. Use your 3D space to support future renovation or design projects.

The 3D and Virtual Reality Market is Exploding with Innovation.

Perspective 3-D is proud to bring you some of the newest and most amazing technology for advanced property marketing and documentation.

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