Matterport for Insurance Documentation

Hurricane Damaged Home Sample

Matterport 3D technology is revolutionizing the way industries handle complex tasks such as claims processing, risk assessment, and training. By embracing this cutting-edge 3D virtual modeling, businesses can streamline operations, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency in several key areas. From enhancing the speed and precision of insurance claims to facilitating remote risk engineering, Matterport’s advanced solutions offer a breadth of benefits. Here’s a closer look at how Matterport 3D can transform various aspects of your operations, delivering tangible improvements in customer satisfaction, operational transparency, and overall quality of service.

  1. Enhance Claims Accuracy and Speed: Expedite claims resolution and enhance payout precision. Replace traditional methods like 2D images and manual measurements with quicker, more precise, and cost-effective alternatives. Adjusters can access a detailed 3D model of the damage site within hours from their office.
  2. Enable Remote Adjusting: Junior staff can scan properties, allowing senior adjusters to focus on high-priority tasks and adjust claims from afar without frequent site visits.
  3. Minimize Fraud and Abuse: Whether an adjuster, service provider, or restoration contractor conducts the scanning, Matterport 3D models provide an impartial, machine-generated record. With time-stamped photos and measurements that are admissible in court, they eliminate fraud and abuse risks.
  4. Boost Operational Transparency: Share a confidential link to the Matterport 3D model, enhancing communication and collaboration among all claim-related parties.
  5. Elevate Adjusting Quality: Enable seasoned adjusters to either directly view or review claims using 3D models, offering a more comprehensive overview than numerous individual photos. This, combined with exact property measurements, ensures superior quality control.
  6. Improve Customer Satisfaction: Using 3D models for claim handling significantly reduces the time to close claims, benefiting insurers, contractors, and policyholders. Advanced technology used in documenting property damage demonstrates a commitment to fair settlement, helping clients recover quicker.
  7. Remote Risk Engineering: Avoid the costs and time of sending risk engineers to sites. Matterport 3D models enable engineers to extensively inspect and re-inspect sites, facilitating more efficient risk mitigation and insurance underwriting collaboration.
  8. Increase Re-Inspection Efficiency: Address the challenge of managing numerous re-inspection claims. Matterport 3D models simplify site navigation, streamlining the process to identify cases that truly necessitate a physical review.
  9. Catastrophic Event Response Improvement: In catastrophic events, when in-house teams are overwhelmed, utilize Matterport’s vast network of service providers globally to obtain dependable 3D models.
  10. Training and Education: For training purposes, Matterport offers a cost-effective, immersive alternative to physical site visits, enhancing learning and educational processes.