3D and Virtual Reality Solutions for any Industry

Marketing professionals and corporations from all over the world are experiencing tremendous benefit from using technologically advanced 3D solutions for property documentation, facility management and viewer engagement. Businesses are gaining increased exposure and remote teams are able to communicate virtually.

  • Simple virtual tour URL and HTML embed code for easy sharing and website presentation.

  • Dropbox link to photos, videos and floor plans.

  • Matterport tour delivered within 24 hours.

  • Virtual tour includes interactive walk through, floor plan and dollhouse views.

  • Virtual reality viewing option with compatible device.

  • 24/7 local support.

  • Google Street View & Maps integration.

  • Servicing clients across the country and around the globe through RealityCaptureExperts.com

Our Services

Matterport 3D

As a Matterport Service Partner, our 3D technology applications are used across industries to share, modify, communicate about, and market real-world spaces.

Matterport technology uses an array of 2D and 3D sensors to quickly capture the appearance and dimensions of a space. It calculates interior dimensions and captures objects and textures. Our 3D virtual tours are powered by an SEO engine specifically designed for the Matterport provider. Any business using our marketing platform gets a boost in online exposure and more traffic driven towards their brand.

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Property Restoration & Insurance Claims

Replace 1000’s of Photos. Record, Annotate & Archive.
We combine the latest digital technologies to document your property and allow for easy 24/7 access in the event that a claim is needed to be made. Our 3D solution provides an accurate reflection of your physical assets as well as after-disaster conditions.

The Matterport TrueSketch™ and TrueSketch™ PLUS are additional deliverables you can request after we have scanned a property. TrueSketches are SKX files that you can easily import into Xactimate™. With these files, you no longer have to measure and manually sketch losses. This saves you valuable time so you can process insurance claims faster and more accurately.

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Google Business Services.

Perspective 3-D provides local and national Matterport 3D and VR services with Google Street View integration. High-resolution photography, cutting edge 3D walk-throughs and immersive virtual reality to feature on your business website and on Google.

Our Matterport 3D virtual tours are fully integrated into your Google Business Listing.  We help you get verified and make sure you are completely dialed in for optimized online exposure.

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Real Estate Services

We provide our clients with the resources and tools they need to stand out among their competitors. Bring your listings to life with a 3D virtual tour, video walk-through with aerial drone footage and our stunning professional photos. Services are customized and delivered to you within 24-48 hours, branded and unbranded.

360° panoramic tours seem like 3D at first glance, but they’re not. Only 3D real estate tours by Matterport lets buyers actually move through a property as if they were really there. Bring your listings to life with a 3D virtual tour. Created by Perspective 3-D, powered by Matterport.

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Matterport BIM

Property Documentation

We capture any space in immersive 3D to share with property managers, contractors, inspectors and maintenance crews. One click and you are there.

  • BIM. Reduce virtual design and construction costs.  Make Matterport the first step in your BIM process. Use Matterport Spaces to visually analyze a property, export the registered point cloud into your BIM modeling software, and start modeling from existing conditions.
  • As Built Documentation. No need to set up registration markers; point clouds are automatically registered in the cloud for one less step. No need for return site visits when you have a complete 3D model on your computer. Your as-built engineers can reference the complete space throughout the design process, collecting virtual measurements whenever they need to. As built documentation has never been easier.


Building owners want the construction of their buildings to be well documented. Provide them with superior construction documentation throughout the process. When you’re done, give them the files they need for long-term facilities management.

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Construction Status Updates

AEC Services. Replace 1000’s of photos. record, annotate & communicate. Leverage for long-term facilities management.

Perspective 3-D provides construction status updating tools. Remote clients can see a project’s status and get details for making design and purchasing decisions. Remote teams feel as if they are there, making jobs easier and teams more cohesive. Services can include converting Matterport scans to Point Cloud (.pts) & CAD Mesh (3DS/FBX).

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Interactive 3D Floor Plans

Using 2D flat floor plans, we customize and generate a fully interactive, animated 3D floor plan so that you can visualize what the space will look and feel like prior to being built.

With a simple URL or embed code, you can easily share and present your floor plan to key stakeholders, online guests and project team members.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Steven Prince AvatarSteven Prince

    It takes a lot to impress me, a millennial, when it comes to technology. Consider me impressed. Sherry is high speed, and I love the 3-D virtual tour with embedded media tags she just created for my new office. I also appreciated how easy it was to pay my invoice. She accepts credit card payments online through a tag in the e-mail she sends with the invoice. It took me 2 seconds to pay, which freed up time to write this review! Ha.

  • paul tower Avatarpaul tower

    It takes a lot to deal with some one not very technical inclined like myself -if not for Sherry and her outstanding courteous professionalism to put up with me ...speaks volumes for her business... project completed...very cool...resp. Paul

  • Chris Kaminsky AvatarChris Kaminsky

    She has done great work with our Lakeshore Fab Lab! It will be a great way to show people our space when we're out to tradeshows and maker faires! It will also help people see the equipment, see what kind of work can be done on it, and access tutorials!

  • Lauren Figueroa AvatarLauren Figueroa

    Working with Perspective 3-D was a great experience! I'm a designer, and they provided me with a "before" 3D model, which allowed me to not have to take tons of photos, and made sure I had access to every possible angle I needed. So helpful, highly recommend!

  • Rhonda Fujan AvatarRhonda Fujan

    Sherry is the absolute best! She is a true professional and is skilled at what she does. I have consulted with her on many occasions and she always has the solutions I am looking for. You can't go wrong when hiring Perspective 3-D for your project. You'll be in good hands!

  • Luke Ekul AvatarLuke Ekul

    Awesome company! Great to work with and very professional!

  • Greg Welch AvatarGreg Welch

    You guys are top of our list for service and quality. Thanks

  • Dustin Gardner AvatarDustin Gardner

    There are few out there that are as proficient, honest and professional as Perspective 3-D. I have produced 3D-VR content for Local & National clients alike and know how to spot Professionally Produced Content. We highly recommend Sherry and her team!

  • Robb Baar AvatarRobb Baar

    Phenomenal product and amazing customer service. So happy we did this!

  • Rowdy Lapham AvatarRowdy Lapham

    Sherry is an amazing business partner! Her knowledge and expertise quickly and easily navigated the use of a virtual tour for our business. This was a huge boost for our potential clients confidence when hiring us which gave us a competitive advantage. I would recommend Perspective 3-D to anyone seek a virtual tour application.

  • Jodi Brewer Owczarski AvatarJodi Brewer Owczarski

    I had the opportunity to work with Sherry and was blown away with the quality of the video. She was terrific to work with and suggested a number of creative, out of the box ideas for us to try. Well done!

  • Phil Nykamp AvatarPhil Nykamp

    Great marketing tool for my business. I will use them again in the future.

  • Lindsay Vander Zwaag AvatarLindsay Vander Zwaag

    Sherry was amazing to work with and has a very collaborative spirit. She is enthusiastic and professional. They had a great response time to our questions! We were very impressed not only with the final product but the service throughout!

  • Jill Blakemore Vyn AvatarJill Blakemore Vyn

    Sherry has been fantastic to work with in our effort to increase access to art galleries for individuals who may not be able to physically visit a space. Very professional and open to new ideas.

  • Barb Terpstra AvatarBarb Terpstra

    Sherry provided a beautiful 3D Tour experience for Compassionate Heart Ministry. We love being able to share our ministry space with virtual guests and prospective participants to our ministry. Sherry was great about answering our questions in a timely manner and making sure our experience with Perspective 3D was a positive one.

    Barb Terpstra, Compassionate Heart Ministry

  • Charra Hammett AvatarCharra Hammett

    Sherry was amazing. She was very professional and arrived on time and was very thorough. The tour was FANTASTIC! On top of that she send some beautiful photos for us to use and made a mini website for my home AND a Facebook page and a video!! We also got the professional photos and I am just blown away. We had 3 showings scheduled on day 1. It just proves that these tools ARE what works to get homes sold faster and for top dollar.

  • Liz Engel AvatarLiz Engel

    Sherry does an excellent job. We recently had a difficult seller but Sherry worked directly with her to make sure the seller got what she wanted. She went above and beyond to be helpful and kind.

  • Rob Obbink AvatarRob Obbink

    I have been working with Sherry now for several months. What i can tell you is the time, effort, professionalism and dedication to providing the very best in 3D photography shows me how i want to run my own business. I would recommend her to any one who is looking to promote there home or having unbelievable photos of what ever occasion you may have. Keep the faith & great work Sherry, your the best.

    Rob Obbink @ West Michigan Drone Photography

  • Cheryl Kilinski AvatarCheryl Kilinski

    Sherry's enthusiasm and excellent work ethic brings the best possible advantage to any business requiring spacial, or any type of photographic components, to an advertising campaign! Showcase your product, or your business with a 3D Perspective with Sherry Rennick!

  • Jeremy Allen AvatarJeremy Allen

    Sherry helped us create a 3d virtual tour of our beach house, and went above and beyond...the finished product is fantastic, helpful to our guests, and exceeds our expectations. Well done, and highly recommended!

  • Loray DeVries AvatarLoray DeVries

    We love perspective 3-D. The professional images they produced helped bring in local and out of state buyers. They are easy to work with. I consider their service a must for my business as a realtor.

  • Kim VanDyke Vandermolen AvatarKim VanDyke Vandermolen

    We are very impressed with the finished product! They did a 3-D image for Lakeshore Family Chiropractic that turned out amazing! We put it on our web site and got a call that same day with someone booking a new patient appointment because they were so impressed by our 3-D tour! They were new to the area and the virtual tour made them feel welcome and comfortable to book with us! I highly recommend their services!! They are so easy to work with!