Matterport 3D digital twins can benefit a wide range of industries due to their ability to create highly accurate and interactive 3D representations of physical spaces. Here are some industries that can particularly benefit from this technology:

Real Estate virtual tours

Architectural, Construction and Design

Leverage the immersive construction solutions to create and access a digital twin or virtual tour of any site from anywhere in the world, facilitating remote management throughout the entire life cycle of the project. From design and build to remodels and beyond, our technology enables you to combine physical buildings in a virtual environment with 3D modeling hosted on our Matterport account. View clear visual and dimensional data and share with key personnel to provide efficient and consistent communication between stakeholders and owners. For as-built, new construction, construction-to-facilities handoff, and more, we help you create complete and accurate digital twins of your sites while gaining better insights into managing projects and equipment with our innovative construction solutions.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Through dynamic virtual representations of current, new, and prospective properties, Matterport offers immersive real estate solutions so you can bring real estate assets to life to better understand performance and make better decisions across the entire life-cycle of your buildings. Residential and commercial real estate brokers, property management companies and multifamily communities can all benefit from Matterport 3D virtual tours and digital twins. Professional architectural photpgraphy and aerial drone images avaialable.

House flood

Insurance Loss Claims and Restoration

For insurance claims and restoration work, Matterport can document property conditions before and after an event, aiding in accurate assessment and record-keeping.

Facility Management

For large facilities like factories, warehouses, or campuses, having a digital twin helps in space planning, maintenance, and managing logistics within the space.

Hospital or assisted living facility hallway
Exterior apartment building in Holland Michigan

Multifamily Communities

Potential renters can immerse themselves in a digital version of a unit or amenity that offers accurate dimensions and multiple views.

Historical, Cultural and other Public Spaces

Expand accessibility to visitors unable to visit in-person, or with special-needs. Offer virtual access of high-interest landmarks, venues, and historic sites, available 24/7/365.

Calvin Center Art Gallery Grand Rapids, Michigan