At Perspective 3D, we understand that our field of work is constantly evolving and catering to people and businesses in new ways.

We are the problem solvers and ready to offer unique solutions to our clients. Whether you know what you need or don’t have a clue, we are here to inform and educate so you understand what our technology can do for you and your business.

what’s inside matters.

Since 2015, we’ve had the opportunity to service a wide variety of industries, always being challenged by unique spaces and extraordinary people.

With a growing network of vetted technicals and industry supported vendors, we enable you to do what you do best, while we help you save your valuable resources, time and money.


We are passionate about transforming the vision for your project into reality.


We thrive on providing our clients with unique, game-changing solutions to support resource conservation and profitability.


We are defined by the conviction that nothing is impossible.


We are fully focused, enthusiastic and committed to best practices within our industry.


Our People

Sherry Rennick

Property Documentation Consultant

Jennifer Rennick

Property Documentation Technician

Jason Rennick

Property Documentation Technician

Joseph Tubergen

Property Documentation Technician