Documentation Solutions

LiDAR Scanning

Any design process will benefit from the precision and immersive presentation of 3D models generated from captured point clouds using LiDAR technology.

The potential of applications is only limited by imagination.

Perspective 3D provides custom solutions to help you best apply technology to improve processes that already exist and innovate new ones where opportunities have emerged.

Projects of all kinds can benefit from the level of visibility and assessment that point cloud models provide. We quickly scan an entire location for contractors, project managers, designers and architects, enabling them to analyze, share and manipulate the captured data. Site visits are reduced, as accurate measurements are only needed once and remote communication and collaboration is achievable, virtually.

Leica: Survey Grade LiDAR Technology

Why Leica?

Leica has been revolutionizing the world of measurement and survey for 200 years. The Leica series of scanners are professional-grade, offering outstanding range, speed, and the highest quality 3D data. Leica is a complete laser scanning solution with precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and dependable service.

Utilize Matterport 3D and LiDAR Together

Using Matterport 3D in tandem with LiDAR scanning delivers all the assets you need to visualize, design, share, and collaborate. This translates into more time, increased savings and a more dynamic working environment that enables smaller teams to tackle more projects across greater distance.