Industry Solutions

Architecture, Construction
Planning & Design

Capture existing conditions & replace tedious manual measurements for any interior space. Whether you work in architecture, engineering, or construction, we can streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease, saving time and reducing costs.

Architecture & Engineering

Streamline design and BIM modeling processes with digital twin cloud data of site conditions.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing software – from SketchUp, to Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software.


Build more efficiently with collaborative project review. Use BIM360 or Procore with Matterport to enable quick and easy collaboration and manage all aspects of your project in 3D.

Leverage the immersive construction solutions to create and access a digital twin or virtual replica of any site from anywhere in the world, facilitating remote management throughout the entire life cycle of the project. From design and build to remodels and beyond, our technology enables you to combine physical buildings in a virtual environment with 3D modeling hosted on our Matterport account. View clear visual and dimensional data and share with key personnel to provide efficient and consistent communication between stakeholders and owners. For as-built, new construction, construction-to-facilities handoff, and more, we help you create complete and accurate digital twins of your sites while gaining better insights into managing projects and equipment with our innovative construction solutions.


    We create a fully immersive digital twin of your sites for easier remote management and inspection.

    New Construction

    Access visual and dimensional data to gain better insights into managing your projects.

    FM Handoff

    Share current and historical asset details with new owners, partners, and other key stakeholders to streamline pivotal project milestones.

    Condition & Assessment

    Assess the condition of every aspect of your sites with fully immersive virtual environments.



    Conduct precise and efficient surveys using our high-resolution image capture services and then access that data from anywhere to help make the right decisions.


    Gain a comprehensive view of existing facilities to streamline remodel plans with immersive, 360° imagery.


    Asset Evaluation

    Achieve a credible and precise valuation of your properties to help determine the best strategy to meet your short- and long-term objectives.


    Document current conditions and plan future projects through full-scale, high-quality imagery of every inch of your site or building exterior.