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Is Your Space Ready for Web 3?

The internet, as we know it, is evolving before our very eyes. Some of us who lived through the 1990s might remember our initial introduction to the first era of the internet, also known as Web 1.0, which brought us revolutionary innovations like search engines and...

3 Ways 3D Imaging is Improving Modern Construction

From major commercial development projects to small-scale home renovations, having reliable, accessible measurements and data that can be easily used is key to accomplishing construction projects. Today, 3D imaging technology and LiDAR laser scanning are the most...

Facilities Management Meets the Metaverse

It's no surprise that technology has drastically changed the world. The advancements made over the past few decades have completely altered people's way of living, specifically with the advantages of online communication. But what if online communication was more than...

Virtual Reality Comes to Public Spaces

No longer just for gamers, VR technology is rapidly changing the way we work and experience the world. Today, our increasingly complex, globally connected world finds itself in a “spatial revolution,” where real-life, physical spaces can be made available to anyone -...

LiDAR’s Impact on the Future of Construction

So much more than a fancy tool used by scientists and explorers, today LiDAR (laser scanned imaging) is being adopted by a wide variety of industries and, in particular, is making a significant impact in modern construction. In fact, experts predict the increasing...