Shelter in Place Entertainment and Activities

A pandemic is spreading… People are in quarantine, and… Businesses and schools have been shuttered. The world is in crisis mode, and no one is entirely sure how long it will last. As we all are forced to deal with the new reality of a global pandemic and a nearly universal quarantine, we thought everyone could use a little [...]

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Service Policy During COVID-19 Michigan State Lockdown: Helping Essential Businesses Remain Essential

Guidelines for social distancing and mandatory closures have changed daily since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Real estate agents, business owners and managers are needing to continuously adapt in an attempt to keep business moving.  Immersive 3D virtual tours can provide a way for commerce to continue on as many company executives and staff members must find creative [...]

3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Matterport True 3D Tours: The Best in 3D Real Estate Marketing Photo galleries, 360° panoramas, and fly-through videos lack the feel that home buyers and sellers crave. A Matterport 3D walk-through more completely immerses visitors so they can create an emotional connection. THE ULTIMATE ALWAYS-OPEN HOUSE Our online experience for homebuyers to move through a property and see it [...]

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BuiltWorlds Insights – Digesting the Immersive Reality Experience – Research Brief

Digesting the Immersive Reality Experience-Research Brief By BuiltWorks.com Virtual technologies hold tremendous potential for the future, but industries have only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible. With new tech fads entering the market each day it is important to stay ahead of what trends are here for the long-term. That is exactly what we intend to answer [...]

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Facebook 101 for Real Estate Agents

DOWNLOAD E-BOOK Set up Your Facebook Campaign Once you have a killer Facebook page, and have invited all of your existing Facebook friends and contacts to like it, you’re ready to launch a paid campaign. This would be to display ads for listings or for your business to potential home sellers and collect their [...]

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Anatomy of a Matterworld

MatterWorld: New Developments and Upcoming ExperiencesSince becoming a Matterport Service Partner (MSP) in May of 2015, Matterport has not ceased to shower their providers with amazing feature releases that support small business growth,  but continuously announce new developments that give me confidence that this technology and this company has yet to even scratch the surface of its capabilities.  Each Matterport announcement [...]

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Embed Multimedia Content in Your 3D Space

Generate more engagement by embedding videos, images, audio, and more with Multimedia Mattertag Posts By Matt Bell Co-Founder, Matterport We evolved to experience the world in 3D -- to see it, move through it, interact with objects and other people, and build rich maps in our mind as we do so. We learn fastest in situations where we are fully immersed [...]

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Perspective 3-D Business Affiliates

Supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs is the hallmark of any great company that strives to be bigger than it's personal goals. Here are just a few of our affiliate organizations: Reality Capture Experts is the Largest Organized Network of Professional 3D Scanning Specialists in the World. We Utilize 3D-VR to Create Immersive & Interactive Digital Marketing & Virtual Storytelling for [...]

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Realtor.com Announces Matterport 3D Virtual Tours on For-Sale and For-Rent Home Listings

"Seeing a home is one of the most critical, but time-consuming elements of the home shopping journey," said Ryan O'Hara, CEO of realtor.com®. "By leveraging Matterport's 3D technology, we are giving home buyers the ability to explore properties they are interested in with virtual tours prior to ever setting foot inside a home." Currently, thousands of for-sale and [...]

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