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Service Policy During COVID-19 Michigan State Lockdown: Helping Essential Businesses Remain Essential

Guidelines for social distancing and mandatory closures have changed daily since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Real estate agents, business owners and managers are needing to continuously adapt in an attempt to keep business moving.  Immersive 3D virtual tours can provide a way for commerce to continue on as many company executives and staff members must find creative [...]

Anatomy of a Matterworld

MatterWorld: New Developments and Upcoming ExperiencesSince becoming a Matterport Service Partner (MSP) in May of 2015, Matterport has not ceased to shower their providers with amazing feature releases that support small business growth,  but continuously announce new developments that give me confidence that this technology and this company has yet to even scratch the surface of its capabilities.  Each Matterport announcement [...]

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Virtual Realty in 2017

So 2017 is going to be THE year for virtual realty and most importantly it's wide spread accessibility for the masses.  At Perspective 3-D, we are exploring how VR can be a valuable tool for the businesses in our community. Businesses are already using virtual reality to provide virtual tours, make presentations and demonstrate  products.  Matterport 3D models are the most [...]

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