No longer just for gamers, VR technology is rapidly changing the way we work and experience the world.

Today, our increasingly complex, globally connected world finds itself in a “spatial revolution,” where real-life, physical spaces can be made available to anyone – anywhere – with the help of VR technology. 

That technology is quickly becoming more readily accessible to the public, and a wide variety of industries are now adopting virtual reality content  and applications to offer their clients convenience and unique experiences.

Matterport VR Technology

At Perspective 3D, we understand the unique benefits and advantages VR can offer clients. We use Matterport imaging technology to create immersive, 3D content for clients in a diverse range of industries. With the Matterport Pro 2 Camera and cloud based hosting, creating immersive, virtual experiences are fast and easy, from Perspective 3D to you in 24 hours!

We have expert-level experience with the tools and platforms available to make sharing 3D content possible, whether that’s through your website, text, email, or social media platforms. Our solutions integrate with any desktop browser, mobile device or compatible VR gear.

So, what industries can benefit from VR, and how does VR give them a unique advantage? Here we outline just a few arenas where VR adoption helps empower businesses to take the lead in their industries.

Real Estate: 

It’s no secret that the housing market has been grueling the last few years. In such a competitive, fast-moving market, those in the real estate industry have more incentive than ever to offer VR services to clients looking to purchase property.

VR allows home-shoppers to walk through properties remotely, getting a spatially accurate, immersive experience that truly feels like they are there in person. From making “open houses” more accessible to giving out-of-state homebuyers the opportunity to view properties without having to travel, there are many ways realtors can take advantage of VR technology.

Retail and Showrooms:

What if you could have the convenience of online shopping and the immersive experience of being in an actual brick-and-mortar store?

Today’s VR technology makes an immersive, spatially accurate experience of a store or showroom possible from anywhere in the world. For customers who are researching and investing in a big purchase but are not able to physically travel to the actual dealer or showroom, VR opens doors of possibility once thought impossible. Read more on how 3D technology is revolutionizing retail design.

Travel and Hospitality:

As destinations worldwide begin opening up to the public after a long pandemic-induced pause, VR offers the possibility to revitalize the hospitality industry. By giving cabin-fever-plagued travelers a virtual taste of your vacation rentals or hotels, you can increase bookings substantially. VR elevates any travel-related promotional campaign.

Future of VR

Among all the ways the pandemic has changed us, perhaps our appreciation and utilization of technology was one of the most surprising. We’ve learned that virtual reality and augmented reality offer radically fresh opportunities to see and experience the world without leaving our homes or offices. VR opens doors to experiences, connections, and learning experiences that never would have been possible before.

With inflation rising and gas prices at an all-time high, VR experiences can potentially save businesses money and time by making virtual meetings, appointments, and inspections a viable alternative.

3D imaging and virtual reality usage are only going to grow in popularity. Is it time for your business to start taking advantage of this innovative technology and take the lead in your industry?

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