It’s no surprise that technology has drastically changed the world. The advancements made over the past few decades have completely altered people’s way of living, specifically with the advantages of online communication. But what if online communication was more than just an instant text message or Zoom call? What if you could actually be and interact with others in a digital universe? While this may seem nearly impossible, the metaverse is already on its way to becoming the new online experience, ushering in many engaging opportunities and possibilities.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse enables people to experience the digital universe in a new and innovative way. A network of technologies serves as its foundation, including virtual reality, which has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Unlike pure entertainment virtual reality you may have seen in arcades or amusement parks, the metaverse allows users to exist and interact with others in a digital landscape, regardless of their physical state or place. 

Undoubtedly, it is turning the heads of many, as all businesses know the importance of keeping up with technological advancements. For example, we can now see social media’s incredible impact on companies worldwide. Almost every business has a social media profile and website, using the advantages of the internet as a commonplace for advertising and networking. 

Now imagine the impact that the metaverse could have. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, claims that it will “unlock social interactions and make it much easier to be productive.” As technology continues to develop and expand, so do the capabilities of the metaverse. Its overall impact feels simultaneously unquantifiable but imminent. 

How will the metaverse improve facility management?

Commercial and industrial facility managers have begun to show tremendous interest in using this technology to improve their operations, specifically through augmented reality. Augmented reality allows people to see their physical environment in front of them through a digital augmentation lens. It is used daily on smartphones through navigation systems or Snapchat filters. 

For commercial and industrial facility management, augmented reality allows for convenient assessments and prevention of issues. It can be used for risk assessment and mitigation, and operational planning. Estimated to increase over the next few years, currently, 1 out of 5 facility management professionals use augmented reality for work. 

How will the metaverse impact the workplace?

While the benefits of the metaverse improve the efficiency of operations, it would also greatly reconstruct the workplace, directly affecting the employees. 

A serious upgrade from Zoom or Google Meet, the metaverse increases the connection quality and meeting efficiency virtually. It would allow friends to carry out more than just conversation, but activities too. Beyond the small, blurry rectangle on a screen, coworkers would be able to work in an office together, walking and moving as if they were present. 

These technological advancements are expected to bring about a transformation in the workplace. With the increasing applications and functionalities of the metaverse, users would eventually be able to collaborate with anyone from anywhere in the world. Not only would remote working become more appealing and engaging, but it will prioritize the employees’ well-being. 

At Perspective 3D, we value the advancing technology and its impact on collaboration and communication. We take full advantage of the efficiency of technology, especially when it comes to the virtual, immersive experience. Keeping up with the expanding horizon of possibilities of the digital universe, we help customers integrate emerging technology into their businesses to stay on the cutting edge.