Perspective 3-D is a Local Matterport Service Partner Providing Technologically Advanced Photography and Marketing Services to Lower Michigan and Northern Indiana.

We  are the only Michigan Matterport Service Partner that specializes in taking your Matterport Spaces to the next level.

We specialize in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services, Building, Construction & Design Support as well as Archival, Documentation & Security Services for Facility Managers, School Boards, Cultural Spaces, Insurance Agents and More.

Real Estate | Hospitality | Architectural, Engineering, Construction & Design | Cultural Spaces | Art & Objects | Hotel & Vacation Rentals | Schools | Retail | Facilities | Office Locations | Any Real-World Space

Showcase Any Real-World Space

We provide all your photographic needs as well as technologically advanced marketing tools, including VR, to showcase your assets or document your space. No matter what kind of business, we  provide the resources you need to boost online marketing efforts & increase the exposure of your brand.



Our 3D models are powered by an SEO engine specifically designed for the Matterport provider. Any business using our marketing platform gets a boost in online exposure and more traffic driven towards their brand. We empower our Realtors to win more listings, sell more properties and capture more leads.


Customized Sales & Service

Open door with 24/7 support, 24 hour delivery, affordable pricing and continual rewards for ALL of  our clients. We provide flexible payment options and create custom pricing packages with personalized service.

Perspective 3-D, Matterport Service Provider, is a family owned business in Zeeland,  Michigan. We create 3D models using the Matterport Pro 3D system, a patented camera that is controlled through an Apple iPad. We have created 3D spaces for commercial and residential real estate, shops, galleries, artists, offices, schools and more. We have excellent local references and would love to work with you to showcase your space or object in an interactive, 3D experience for your online viewers


The Matterport  Pro 3D captures 3D and 2D images of any interior space or object as it rotates on a tripod that is placed in intervals around a room to capture every aspect of the space.
Matterport’s proprietary technology then stitches together the data to create one complete 3D mesh, with images overlaid onto all surfaces. These models are then ready for users to walk through the interior, view as a doll-house, or see a floor plan through Matterport’s immersive online interface.
The models also include complete linear and area measurement data. The resulting model can be viewed, modified, annotated, and shared using any device. No downloads, plug-ins or goggles needed


Perspective 3-D  spends extra time helping clients market their spaces, while generating brand exposure through both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts and user generated Social Media Optimization (SMO). We provide ways for you to attract and capture more leads, grab and retain interest,  all while using the the latest, cutting edge 3D technology available.


We Capture & Create. We Host. You Share & Engage. Any Browser. Any device.

With a simple link or embed code, your 3D showcase can be seamlessly included in your webpage and easily shared via social media, text and email.

No Goggles, Plug-ins or Downloads Needed.

We Create & Capture

We Quickly Capture & Deliver within 24 Hrs.

Matterport technology uses an array of 2D and 3D sensors to quickly capture the appearance and dimensions of a space. It calculates interior dimensions and captures objects and textures.

We Host

Matterport cloud-processing technology

Enables us to generate and host fully immersive 3D models. Perspective 3-D manages  your assets , while keeping  you up-to-date with all available software upgrades.

You Share & Engage

No goggles, downloads or plug-ins needed

3D spaces are easily shared via website, social media, email and text to enable viewers to interact with your space from any device. They are shared as easily as a YouTube or webpage link.

Click.  Explore.  Share.  Engage.

Creating Virtual 3D Spaces of Any Real World Space

Perspective 3-D uses Matterport 3D technology that is loaded with useful features for every industry, all customized to meet your specific needs.

Real Estate

With a 3D showcase displayed on the MLS, buyers get an accurate feel for interior proportions, giving them a true sense of what they will see in person, enabling decisions to be made earlier in the process, targeting more serious buyers.

Residential | Commercial | New Construction

Hotels & Vacation Rentals

People from around the globe are viewing properties online.  Superior than flat floor plans, 3D models are better able to accurately express interiors, enabling potential renters & guests to make  remote decisions with confidence, setting yourself apart from the competition.

Vacation Rentals | Dorms | Apartments


Consumers require visual cues before making reservations, and 3D virtual experiences present your venue as if you are there. 3D is a meaningful, visual way to experience a venue online.

Conference Centers | Banquet Facilities | Reception & Wedding Venues | Churches | Bars & Restaurants

Building, Construction & Design

Remote clients can see a project’s status and get details for making design and purchasing decisions. Remote teams feel as if they are there, making jobs easier and teams more cohesive. Services include converting Matterport scans to Point Cloud (PCS) &  CAD Mesh (3DS/FBX).

Construction Status Updates | Work-Flow Tool | Interior Design | Floor Plans

Retail Spaces

Any business or organization that desires an interactive, 3D visual representation of real-world spaces will find Perspective 3-D to be a powerful addition to their marketing team.   Interactive 3D viewing is a key part of the optimal “click and mortar” showroom and commerce experience.

Showrooms | Retail Stores | Specialty Shops

Office & Commercial Spaces

Customers, clients or patients can get an immersive experience through your website or any social media platform, providing your online visitors the opportunity to connect with you before they set foot in the door, giving your business an edge of the competition.

Salon Services | Dr. Offices | Organizational Spaces

Schools and Care Centers

Perspective 3-D enables families searching for educational facilities to tour the campus and walk-through classrooms in an accurate, immersive, online experience. An excellent resource for future building and design projects. Enables constituents to view the school online to prepare for future mileage increase requests.

School Boards | Day Care Facilities | Colleges

Medical & Extended Care Facilities

By providing an online 3D tour of a facility, patients and residents can get an accurate sense of what they will see when they arrive.  Our technology aids with decision making responsibilities as well as helping to create a more comfortable experience when faced with a procedure or life transition.

Hospitals | Out-Patient Facilities | Assisted Living | Procedure Rooms | Labs

Cultural Spaces & Artistic Projects

With a 3D showcase of your venue or exhibit available to online viewers, visitors can engage in the space or object on a deeper level, making a connection before they visit on site. Matterport is a powerful way to rapidly scan even the largest of interior spaces and is the most realistic way to experience a venue online.

Museums | Galleries | Theaters | Archive Services | Historical Sites

3D & So Much More….

  • Single Property Websites to Boost Online Marketing Efforts

  • Co-Branded Marketing Flyer and Free Matterport App to Win More Listings

  • Professional Still Photography and Aerial Drone Photography

  • Mobile As-Built App Services Available

  • Archive Services for Exhibits & Cultural Spaces

  • Construction Status Updates

  • Dedicated Facebook pages

  • Printed Listing Flyers: Use for mailers or for open-house events

  • Black & White Schematic Floor Plans with YOUR Brand

  • Experience your  3D Spaces in VR with Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear Headse. Delight potential buyers and sellers with this amazing technology.

  • Inside Walk-through, Doll house, Floor Plan, 360 Exterior and VR  Views All Included In One Price

  •  Capture Still Photos From the 3D Model To Create a Slideshow or Highlight Reel

  • Place Small Billboards of Text to Highlight Key Features

  • Use As A Work-Flow Or Communication Tool to Collaborate With Remote Team Members

  • Use Your 3D Space to Attract Potential Employees and to Orientate New Hires

  • Use For Safety/Security Procedures &  Training: Share your 3D Space with area first responders so they know where to go in the case of  an emergency.

  • Insurance Documentation: Record damage and repairs, or scan a property to document valuables

  • Digitally reconstruct real-world spaces for use in VR, AR, web, and mobile applications with ease.

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