Entertainment and Activities While Sheltering in Place

Entertainment and Activities While Sheltering

A pandemic is spreading…

People are in quarantine, and…

Businesses and schools have been shuttered.

The world is in crisis mode, and no one is entirely sure how long it will last.

As we all are forced to deal with the new reality of a global pandemic and a nearly universal quarantine, we thought everyone could use a little pick-me-up. That’s why we’re sharing pieces of good news—snippets that we hope will give every one of you a tiny reason to celebrate.

We All Have More Time to Read

Nothing gets us in the hunker-down mood like a good book; and while Amazon has suspended delivery on all non-essentials, no one can stop you from binge-ordering eBooks.

We’ll Call It the Quarantine Fifteen (negative 15 that is )

Just because we’re all stuck at home doesn’t mean we’re all spending the quarantine on the couch. In fact, many people are using social distancing as an excuse to exercise more. Online Fitness apps, gyms, and video programs are reporting thousands and thousands of new sign ups in the last week, and many companies are offering fitness challenges for their employees. In a few weeks (fingers crossed) we’ll all show up back in public healthy, toned, and in better shape than ever! Check out AV Wellness Fitness Facebook page for daily workouts.

The Stores Have Plenty of Cornish Game Hens

Yes, the stores are sold out of your typical crop of groceries. But since we’re talking about silver linings today, we would like to mention that we have spotted foods like sea scallops, rainbow beets, and coconut macaroons lining the shelves in our local grocery stores. While to some, this spells sadness; (what are we going to do without Taco Tuesday?) to us, this spells opportunity. After all, when else will you get the opportunity to channel your inner Gordon Ramsey and learn to cook scallops?

We’re All Going to Be So Cultured

Step away from Netflix… because Broadway just announced that, for a limited time, their entire collection of musicals can be streamed for free. Two weeks ago, if we had told you that you’d be watching a Broadway Show while eating stuffed Cornish Game Hens, you would have thought we were crazy, wouldn’t you? But now that all sports (not to mention most pizza delivery) are cancelled, we’re all swimming in culture. Get your pinkies out, because Broadway & Replenish is the new Netflix & Chill. 

Neighbors Are Being Neighborly

Think back to two weeks ago. We’re guessing that most of your social feeds were full of political posts. Political posts that more often than not were negative, condescending, and downright rude. Well→ positivity alert: nobody’s ranting about politics anymore. Instead, neighborly support groups are popping up everywhere, groups where people support each other, share tips and ideas, share resources and answer questions about where to get toilet paper. There you have it: hard-and-fast proof that we all are perfectly capable of getting along. Think about beginning a neighborhood free, little pantry.

Communities Are Getting Creative to Help Small Businesses

People around the globe are linking arms with small businesses, proving that the love and loyalty we all feel toward small business is… well, very loving and very loyal. a Facebook page called Lifting Up Local Businesses has been sharing creative ways to help businesses during this time. One day last week, they ordered cupcakes for firemen and police officers from a closed-down cupcakery. Another day, people donated money to send individual bags of specialty popcorn to health care workers. We can honestly say that right now, every single human in the entire world is in this together. We’ve got your backs, business owners. Visit MLive for some creative ways to help support local business.

We Can All Be Ivy Leaguers For a Little While

Tons of people are using this time of quarantine to sharpen up their minds. In the next month, anyone can take Yale’s most popular course “Psychology and The Good Life” for free online. Other organizations have also opened up free online training and courses so people can sharpen up their skills. Right now you can learn about anything from photography, to cooking, to advanced mathematics all for free.

Our Pets’ Wildest Dreams Have Come True

Our furry co-workers are getting a whole lot more love and attention now that they are being joined at home by their work-from-home owners. And honestly, we would like to think that we get more work done with the moral support of our cats and dogs.

Families Are Getting More Time to Be Families

We get it: an unexpected family quarantine was not part of your Spring Break plans. But we also can’t help but feel a bit sentimental when we read some of the silver linings that people have found in the last few weeks of chaos. One mom posted on Twitter that she got to see her youngest child’s first steps and another mom shared her gratitude for the bonus time she now gets with her high school senior. Both are equally heartwarming ways to spend the extra time together.

Full disclosure:

This post has been adapted from an email received by Digital Marketer. DigitalMarketer is the premier online community for digital marketing professionals. It’s a place where you can learn how to market like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow and scale your business to new heights. With tens of thousands of customers in 68 countries around the globe, they have become one of the world’s most trusted voices sharing the best of what works in digital marketing.  Take a look at some creative ways marketers can  continue to do their jobs  in the midst of  this crisis we’er all experiencing. 

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