Facebook 101 for Real Estate Agents

Set up Your Facebook Campaign Once you have a killer Facebook page, and have invited all of your existing Facebook friends and contacts to like it, you’re ready to launch a paid campaign. This would be to display ads for listings or for your business to potential home sellers and collect their contact information. This ad would drive them to your website (so they can follow it) or a landing page with a form from a CRM like Mailchimp (so you can follow up with them). Choose an Objective and Audience The next step is to define your marketing objective – this defines how Facebook will optimize and measure your campaign. For a real estate agent or broker, typical goals focus on getting followers and capturing the contact information of seller leads.
Develop a Targeted Audience
On Facebook, you pay per impression – that means every time someone loads a page with your ad on it, you pay Facebook. A rookie mistake is failing to target your ads only to the people who might actually list with you at some point, or may be ready to buy a home. Facebook includes options that allow you to create different campaigns with different targeting based on age, income, marital status, geography, home ownership status, and dozens of other parameters.If you are promoting your general brand, you’ll want to be sure to target people above the age of 25 in the geographies that you service. Depending on your goals, you can create a local (neighborhood) or widespread (city/state) campaigns.
Determine Your Budget
We recommend starting with a small budget ($50-$100) to learn and test before going full-force. Once you’ve determined what’s working, you can set goals for yourself and ramp up to a higher spend. Some ads will require a certain number of spend ($5), so be sure to plan your monthly budget or test spend accordingly.
Showcase Your Listings in Ways That Inspire Clicks
Capture the attention of seller leads by using eye-catching, clickbait content to highlight your listings: hi-res photography, video, 3D tours, links to property landing pages, and links to smartphone-ready virtual reality experiences (like those automatically offered on Matterport tours). If you are adding visual assets, consider including an entire set of images which span from cutting-edge visuals to traditional 2D floor plans.
Generating seller leads on Facebook is one thing – but closing them is another thing altogether. Top agents use Matterport as their listing presentation closer to wow their seller leads and win that listing. Want to give it a try? Use the free Matterport 3D Showcase for iOS app on iPad or iPhone in your next listing presentation, and wow your prospective seller with one of our demo walkthroughs. Perspective 3-D can get you set up with the app and co-branded listing tools like mailers and videos.

Co-branded video for social media sharing.  Attract potential sellers and show them how YOU market. Contact Perspective 3-D to discuss how to get your free marketing materials, including this custom branded video. 616-312-3947.

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