From major commercial development projects to small-scale home renovations, having reliable, accessible measurements and data that can be easily used is key to accomplishing construction projects.

Today, 3D imaging technology and LiDAR laser scanning are the most accurate and time-efficient ways to manage and collaborate on construction projects of all sizes.

At Perspective 3D, we’ve helped hundreds of engineers, builders, and property owners with our imaging expertise, streamlining their construction projects, saving them money, and perhaps most valuable of all, saving them time.

We specialize in using Matterport and Leica, industry-leading solutions for capturing incredibly accurate 3D images and precise laser scans. With several years of experience as a Matterport and Leica technology provider, we are one of Michigan’s leading experts in the 3D imaging and laser scanning fields.

What sets this 3D technology apart is the collaborative functionality of its software. From allowing virtual inspections and walk-throughs to embedding notes and comments on an ongoing project’s status, 3D imaging is a tremendous asset to any construction project. 

Here are three ways that 3D imaging is improving modern construction:

Ensure Accurate Measurements

Nothing saves as much time and money in construction as having exact, accurate measurements and data from the very beginning of the project.

LiDAR scanning combined with 3D imaging software is a powerful way to document a building project from beginning to end. With our specific equipment and expertise, we can help you capture large and small spaces alike – both inside and out – with the most accurate detail available in today’s market.

3D imaging and laser scanning eliminate the necessity of lengthy, manual measurements, especially aiding in a construction project’s commissioning and model stages. While design decisions are being made, accurate imaging and data are critical to the project’s success. 

Whether you need imaging for a small, dense interior or an ample, open space, we have the best cameras and technology that will eliminate the potential for human error and save you money.

Streamline Communication & Documentation

In construction projects, numerous vendors and contractors need access to exact data and measurements to keep up momentum on a project and meet critical deadlines. Multiple visits to a project site for measurements or inspections waste valuable time. When contractors measure and collect data independently of one another, the risks of miscommunication and error rise drastically. Even minor miscalculations or mistakes can set a project back by weeks or months.

Our 3D imaging services give project managers the ability to share exact measurements and information with any number of vendors and contractors. Contractors can quickly and effectively communicate key milestones while annotating any needed changes within the 3D model. This keeps communication organized, streamlined, and easily accessible, especially as the project changes along the way.

Facilitate Collaboration With Anyone in the World

Imagine a project in which anyone – anywhere – can see and study a construction project’s details instead of just those right on site. 

An architect in the Netherlands can do a thorough, immersive walk-through of a project in Michigan from the convenience of her local office. Vendors across states can see accurate 3D representations of where to install products on a specific job site. General contractors can communicate with property investors about necessary changes in a floor plan via a virtual inspection.

Creative collaboration on construction projects is easier than ever with advanced 3D imaging technology. Partnerships once limited by distance and inefficient communication platforms are now possible and accessible. With greater options for collaboration come greater potential expertise for your project. Implementing tech-enabled tools and innovative pathways will increase your team’s ability to partner outside your region. 

Why Choose Perspective 3D?

Perspective 3D provides a variety of professional, high-quality imaging services to customers across the state of Michigan. We love working with builders, homeowners, and project managers to make their construction projects more streamlined, strategic, and effective.

Let us show you how 3D imaging can reduce costs and save valuable time on your next project. Contact our sales team today for more information and a personalized quote.